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CLX Health combines medical expertise and next-generation information technology to solve complex public health data problems that improve public health and safety


CLX Health is a U.S.-based, privately and wholly owned SiriusIQ company that operates a clinically sound, cloud-based, multi-stakeholder solution which securely manages a vast public health data ecosystem of physicians, clinics, hospitals, laboratories, and consumers, currently focused on COVID-19 testing and diagnostics to support health safety compliance solutions for work, entertainment, and travel related engagements. >>

TrustAssure simplifies the complex process of verifying health safety compliance and democratizes access, control and ownership of personal health information. Constantly adapting to ever changing global requirements, any entity can automate travel and workplace health safety protocols and logistics related to COVID-19 and other health risks that are likely to recur in the future. >>

SymCheck is a leading health safety platform for hospitality, live events, and the workplace to help create trusted, safe environments by mitigating health risks. Dynamic location based assessment architecture enables, in addition to COVID or other future health-risks, a wide range of screening assessment profiles for health-related data collection, symptom surveillance and/or for satisfying varied clearance requirements. >>


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